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Bellerophon Overseas Ltd.
Overseas Ltd.

Bellerophon Overseas Ltd. is the sole owner of the domain: Unless otherwise specified, any contents appearing on this website are properties of Bellerophon Overseas Ltd. Any unauthorized reproduction and/or use of such material is prohibited and liable to prosecution.

For business inquiries, please drop a line to the following e-mail address: comes from an idea of a bunch of friends, who are professionally engaged in the offshore gaming and sports betting industries.

We are strong advocates for players' rights and responsible gambling.

In our extensive careers, we found out that players are usually left alone in a cyber-gambling space, which is increasingly populated by rogue operators that, disregarding the legal obligations imposed on them by the Law of their licensing - and hosting - jurisdiction, steal money and personal data from their customers. 

We want to distance ourselves from those practices and we intend to show that an honest, fair, and entertaining offshore market for gaming and sports-betting services exists and that the people working into it are just as passionate and as serious as those inside other bigger regulated countries.


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