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Online Sports Betting Explained 

Sports betting is one of the most ancient form of entertainment in human history. From the time sport was invented, people have always found it amusing to place bets. In Ancient Rome, sports betting was legal and it was common for wealthy people to place bets on chariot races and on gladiators fighting in the circus. Bookmakers were experts of sport and the odds formation process was based on personal intuition and experience. From those days, things have changed dramatically, especially with the advent of the internet. 

From the mid '90s, international sports bettors have progressively embraced innovation in the sports betting market and have left traditional brick-and-mortar betting shops to start placing their sports bets online. That was the time of the biggest digital revolution in the gambling industry. Even with a slow and expensive internet connection, serious gamblers preferred to place their sports bets over the internet. It was faster, it was cheaper, and you could compare sports odds from all the online bookmakers at once, just sitting in front of your desktop. And, since then, online sports betting has simply gained more popularity and security. Today, the most important, famous, and trustworthy sportsbooks have some kind of online presence, whether an online bookmaker website or a sports news site. Irrespective of which your preferred sport is, we can help you through the world of online sports betting by giving you advice and online sports odds comparison tools. Bear with us and keep reading! 

Crypto Sports Betting and Crypto Sportsbooks

You may wonder why we focus our attention to crypto sportsbooks and bookmakers, while most of online betting (and gambling at large) still runs on traditional payment means such as credit cards, cheques, and bank transfers. Here's the answer: crypto bookmakers and crypto sportsbooks are simply more convenient. 

We are not fundamentalists of Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Dodgecoin. We do not think that cryptocurrencies are a gift from God and we have no particular blind faith in Bitcoin. We are humble gambling people who are personally convinced that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are the greatest innovation in the online gambling space. And the reasons behind that conviction are purely technical: 

a) Crypto bets run faster than sports bets based on fiat currency. Imagine you follow a soccer match and that your favourite football team has just scored its first goal. You want to place your online soccer bet, but you get stuck in slow gambling accounts, compliance approvals and stuff like that. When you feel like betting, you just need to follow your intuition. Bitcoin and crypto bets allow you to do just that! Forget about waiting several business days to see your money in your gambling account. That's the past!

b) Credit Card & bank wire transfers are expensive for you and for your online sportsbook. Whenever you make a payment to a sportsbook, payment processing bears a huge cost. That cost eventually falls on the bettor and it translates into worse sports odds. If you make a crypto bet, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies payments are very cheap and, on average, crypto sportsbooks are more convenient than traditional bookmakers accepting only fiat currency.

c) Anonimity. You know that we live in the age of information, where everyone can know everything about you and me just by buying personal data from financial companies, banks, Google and so on. Governments are always eager to control their national bettors and they are always ready to impose some taxes on their winnings. If you place a crypto bet and you cash in your winnings in Bitcoin or other crypto currencies, nobody can control you. Crypto payments run through the Blockchain, that is a decentralized network under no control by Central Banks or governments. 

Crypto Online Sportsbooks and Bookmakers


Taking the piss

The history of sports has always been populated by many oddities. Some athletes strictly follow their own rituals that are believed to help them during big competitions. One of the weirdest superstitions around is drinking urine. Yeah! That's no joke, folks! Mixed martial arts fighter Lyoto Machida admitted that he drinks his own piss as a part of a longstanding family tradition. During an interview to a Brazilian newspaper, Lyoto said: "My father does that for a long time and bring it to us. People think it’s a joke. I never said it in the United States because I don’t know how the fans will react. I drink my urine every morning like a natural medicine". 

Though there is little provable correlation between those practices and success in sports, MMA betting is often driven by superstition.  

Start comparing betting odds for UFC fight nights and MMA fights, soccer, and American sports:

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