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Three Sportsbooks dedicated to American Players with a Wide Coverage of International Sports, and Unbeatable Casino Bonuses. The Best Crypto Sportsbooks
We like reliable sportsbooks. We like those bookmakers who know how to do their job and have a proven track record in terms of fast cash-outs, honest money lines, and who have the capability of catering to the various of different bettors and sports enthusiasts. With Betonline, Bookmaker, and MyBookie we are making a jump into the history of online betting.  These gambling venues were established during the '90s, when most of us did not have any idea of where the fledgling online gambling industry would have gone. Some time has passed since then. Some operators went into trouble, while others managed to survive and to reinvent themselves. Betonline, Bookmaker, and MyBookie proved beyond any doubt that they can provide international punters with outstanding opportunities.  

CRICKET BETTING:  All the major games in India (Indian Premier League) and in Pakistan (Pakistan Super League) are covered. 

MMA BETTING:  Most of the international mixed martial arts fights are covered, including UFC. Although not all the games are available, we really believe that their selection is really good and capable of satisfying the needs of plenty of  bettors.

SOCCER BETTING: National top and minor leagues in Germany (Bundesliga), France  (Ligue 1), Chile (Primera), Argentina (Copa de la Superliga), Italy (Serie A), Turkey (Lig 1), Sweden (Allsvenskan and Superettan  games), Australia (A League, Victorian Premier League), Nigeria (Premier League) , and many others. 


On top of the sports and events listed above, that are pretty popular in a non-US context, it is also worth to note that, as those sportsbooks are mainly geared towards an American public, they all give great exposure to basketball (NBA), baseball (MLB), American football (NFL, including Super Bowl).
1) PRE-MATCH BETTING: This is the traditional way of betting and also the one that allows you to wager on any of the sports described above. Interfaces are quite straighforward and will meet the expectations of almost any bettors, as it is not hard to understand how they work.  You can select how you want to see money lines (i.e., odds)  from three different formats, that are: a) the American money line; b) the decimal money line; c) and the fractional money line.  The selected format does not impact the outcome of the wager, so you can choose the one you are more familiar with.
2) LIVE BETTING: Though not all of the sports are available in live betting, the selection is well assorted and you can rest assured that major events are encompassed. Betting lines are updated very fast, so that you will be able to bet at the actual odds that the sports betting market offers at the time you decide to wager. The short waiting time required to have updated betting lines is probably among the great pros of BetOnline, MyBookie, and Bookmaker. Bettors are given the possibility to place straight bets and many different parlays.
You might wonder why we are suggesting you to rely on those bookmakers, instead of many others you can find on the internet. Well, the reason is straightforward. American sportsbooks have limited access to traditional banking channels. Therefore, they have become quite strong and experienced in crypto gambling. The use of crypto coins for deposits and withdrawals is encouraged through generous casino bonuses and low cash-out charges.
Generally speaking, cash-outs in bitcoin and other major crypto and alt coins are free. Those who deposit bitcoin and other crypto coins can choose among a great variety of bonuses, many of which can be in order of thousands of dollars.  Best promo codes are the reasons why Betonline, MyBookie, and Bookmaker are the best crypto sportsbooks.
For instance: 
BETONLINEYour first crypto deposit is doubled if you use promo code CRYPTO100. Minimum deposit is 20.00 USD and maximum is 1,000.00 USD.  The use of the bonus is associated with a very low rollover requirement of 14x and is open to players from the USA and Canada only.  Feel free to check all the Betonline promo codes by clicking on the banners to your right-hand side.                
BOOKMAKERYour first crypto deposit is increased by 25% (up to 500.00 USD). The deposit must be greater than 100.00 USD and the promo can be chosen directly on the "Cashier" section of the website. The best part is the low rollover requirement (8x) that is one of the most convenient on the market.
MYBOOKIE: You can double your first three bitcoin deposits (up to 1.000 USD) through promo code CRYPTO100 (yes, the same as Betonline!)
If you use crypto coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite, etc.), cash-outs are done quickly. No bank charges, no hassle. This is why those sportsbooks are the best crypto sportsbooks.
BETONLINE currently does not accept players from the following jurisdictions: 
- Afghanistan, - Australia, - Central African Republic, - Congo, - Cote d'Ivoire, - Cuba, - Democratic Republic of Congo, - Eritrea, - France, - French Guiana, - French Polynesia, - French Souther Territories, - Guinea, - Guinea-Bissau. - Iran, - Iraq, - Lebanon, - Liberia, -Lybia, - Mali, - Malta,        - Myanmar, - North Korea, - Panama, - Sierra Leone, - Slovenia, - Somalia, - Sudan, - Syria,              - Yemen, - The United Kingdom, - Zimbabwe.
MYBOOKIE currently does not accept players from the following jurisdictions: 
- Afghanistan; - Albania: - Algeria; - Anguilla; - Antigua And Barbuda; - Armenia; - Aruba; - Australia; - Austria; - Azerbaijan; - Bahrain; - Bangladesh; - Belarus; - Belgium; - Bhutan; - Bonaire; - Sint Eustatius And Saba; - Bouvet Island; - Brunei Darussalam; - Bulgaria; - Burkina Faso; - Burundi; - Cambodia; - Cayman Islands; - Central African Republic; - China; - Comoros; - Congo; - Costa Rica; - Cuba; - Curaçao; - Cyprus; - Denmark; - Djibouti; - Dominican Republic; - Eritrea; - Estonia; - Ethiopia; - Fiji; - Finland; - France; - French Guyana; - French Polynesia; - French Southern Territories; - Gambia; - Gibraltar; - Guadeloupe; - Guernsey; - Greece; - Guinea-Bissau; - Holy See (Vatican City State); - Hungary; - India; - Indonesia; - Iran; - Iraq; - Ireland; -Isle Of Man; - Israel; - Jersey; - Kazakhstan; - Korea; - Democratic People’s Republic Of Korea; - Kyrgyzstan; - Latvia; - Lebanon; - Liberia; - Libya; - Maldives; - Mali; - Malta; - Martinique; - Mauritania; - Mauritius; - Mayotte; - Montenegro; - Montserrat; - Morocco; - Nauru; - Nepal; - Netherlands; - New Caledonia; - Niger; - Oman; - Pakistan; - Palestine; - Papua New Guinea; - Pitcairn; - Poland; - Réunion; - Romania; - Russian Federation; - Rwanda; - Saint Helena; - Ascension And Tristan Da Cunha; - St Martin (French Part); - Saint Pierre And Miquelon; - Sao Tome And Principe; - Saudi Arabia; - Serbia; - Seychelles; - Sierra Leone; - Somalia; - South Sudan; - Spain; - Sudan; - Svalbard And Jan Mayen; - Syrian Arab Republic; - Tajikistan; - Turkey; - Turkmenistan; - Tuvalu; - United Kingdom; - Uganda; - Ukraine; - United Arab Emirates; - Uzbekistan; - Vanuatu; - Viet Nam; - Wallis And Futuna; - Yemen.



Taking the piss

The history of sports has always been populated by many oddities. Some athletes strictly follow their own rituals that are believed to help them during big competitions. One of the weirdest superstitions around is drinking urine. Yeah! That's no joke, folks! Mixed martial arts fighter Lyoto Machida admitted that he drinks his own piss as a part of a longstanding family tradition. During an interview to a Brazilian newspaper, Lyoto said: "My father does that for a long time and bring it to us. People think it’s a joke. I never said it in the United States because I don’t know how the fans will react. I drink my urine every morning like a natural medicine". 

Though there is little provable correlation between those practices and success in sports, MMA betting is often driven by superstition.  

Start comparing betting odds for UFC fight nights and MMA fights, soccer, and American sports:

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