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Playhub Casino Promo code

Casino Bonus -  Playhub Casino Promo Code, PH Casino Promo Code, Bet Swagger Promo Code.

At PH Casino, Bet Swagger, and PlayHub Casino Players Have an Unparalleled Set of Bonuses

The extensive offer of casino bonuses is the best part of PH Casino, Bet Swagger, and PlayHub Casino.

If you are looking for a place where to play for a long time and have fun without risking a small fortune, all the three brands above will definitely fit your selection criteria. Basically, you can use the same promo codes that are displayed in the dedicated website section (Bonus Page) at any of the venues and benefit from the very same promotions. And if you want to get one, well this is as simple as it could be. All you need to do is to type the relative code in the promo field appearing on the cashier-deposit page, right before you make your deposit. 

Here below we present some of the bonuses that USoftGaming currently offers to its new and existing customers:

Code FIRST (one time use only): match bonus 100% up to 500$ & 100 free spins with a min deposit of 300$. Bet amount will be .1% of the deposit amount (rounded +/-). Click on the image on the right for details.

Code MONDAY (weekly code): match bonus 100% up to 200$ & 20 free spins with a min deposit of 100$. Bet amount will be .1% of the deposit amount (rounded +/-). Click on the image on the right for details

Code FRIDAY (weekly code): match bonus 100% up to 300$ & 50 free spins with a min deposit of 300$. Bet amount will be .1% of the deposit amount (rounded +/-). Click on the image on the right for details

Code 2QUEENS (one time use only): match bonus 100% up to 1000$. Valid only on casino slots and PH live casino blackjack tables. The amount of the deposit + bonus must be wagered 15 times. New winning chances at sexy live blackjack tables: a) Win 1.000$ every time you get a hand of two queen of hearts; b) Win 5.000$ every time you get a hand of two queen of hearts and the dealer has blackjack; c) Win 10.000$ every time you get a hand of three 7.

Sexy Live Dealers Casino Bonus

What is a Casino Bonus and How It Works

Casino bonuses have become quite popular in recent years and, generally speaking, they are viewed as a major facor impacting players' choice on whether to play at a certain casino website, or not. But, like in many other instances in life, not everything that glitters is gold ! 

To be completely honest, there are just too many bonuses out there and too many casinos will try to entice you with ads claiming you can get thousands of dollars in free chips without even making your first deposit, or that you can get a few bucks for free, just by signing up to a website, and cash them out whenever you want. These promotions  are scams  and you should beware of them ! 

Let's be clear and straight on this point: an online casino is a business and there is nothing like a free lunch in business. Casinos are no mints and they cannot print money.  So, use your hunch and always be skeptic towards that kind of promotions that simply seem too good to be true.

A reliable casino bonus is the one that meets the two following qualities:

- Fairness: you must be allowed to cash out your winnings (and your deposited money in general) after you have reached a                             certain amount of wagers, so to strike a good balance between your chances of winning money and the                                           profitability of the casino.

- Honesty: a casino bonus must be easy-to-get and the relative procedures should not trip you up ! If they ask to go through                           hell to get their "fantastic" and "once-in-a-lifetime" bonus, just leave it there because chances are that it is a scam.                         In addition, a honest casino bonus has clear and easy conditions attached to it, especially in terms of the minimum                       amount of wagers that must be placed and for which games you can use it.


Their policy in terms of bonus meets the above  fairness and honesty criteria. 

Generally speaking, their bonuses:

a) Are available if you make a minimum deposit (whose amount depends on the promo you choose)

b) Have a 15x wagering condition, this meaning that you will be able to cash out your winnings only if you have wagered at             least 15 times the deposit+bonus amount (that is pretty advantageous, given that on average casinos offer a 50x wagering         condition)  

c) Can only be played at their games developed in-house. Bets placed in other games are not considered for the 15x                          wagering condition.

d) You can get your bonus just by typing a clear promo code in the relevant field you find on the deposit page.

The casinos offer promo codes with excellent terms, not confusing like other casino. They are very straight forward and the terms are universal so no need to check the details of the terms each time you get a code. With x15 on deposit + bonus (bonus is match bonus 100% up to a certain amount) it's surely one of the most competitive promocode conditions in the industry.

These casino brands also offer a great cashback incentive program where players instantly get their cashback posted to their accounts at midnight UTC time.  Anything lost within a 24hr period will get posted at midnight UTC time.


BetSwagger Casino Bonus

Their "Swagger Levels" will determine how much you get in cashback and when you get it posted, once you surpass a certain tier (once you pass Ruby level and get to Sapphire level) then your cashback is INSTANT! Anything lost on a hand or spin will get you cashback instantly placed back into your player account, yours to keep with no wagering or conditions on the money, so you can use it on the very next hand.

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