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Alicia Keys Celebrates 2020 NFL Kickoffs: American Football Betting

If the last six months seemed to last forever, because the entire world of sports was frozen because of the coronavirus pandemic, now this is really your time. The 2020 NFL Season has already started and we are now entering in its third week. Some of the upcoming American football matches include:

Jaguars vs. Dolphins - Friday, 25 Sep. 2020

Browns vs. Redskins - Sunday, 27 Sep. 2020

Patriots vs. Raiders - Sunday, 27 Sep. 2020

Bills vs. Rams - Sunday, 27 Sep. 2020

Vikings vs. Titans - Sunday, 27 Sep. 2020

Colts vs. Jets - Sunday, 27 Sep. 2020

Cardinals vs. Lions - Sunday, 27 Sep. 2020

This is great news for all NFL fans who missed the thrill of a good American football match and at we would like to celebrate this event by publishing the NFL Kickoff Concert that was staged prior to the Houston Texans and the Kansas City Chiefs matchup. The match was warmly welcomed by Alicia Keys who performed one of her top songs: Love Looks Better. This time 'round it maybe does not matter if your team will win the 2020 Super Bowl. The only hope of most of us is just to watch at some great American sports and, in particular, NFL American football !

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Enjoy (again) the NFL Kickoff Concert with Alicia Keys !

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