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American Football NFL Betting: Seattle Seahawks vs. Buffalo Bills Matchup Hints

Next Sunday, on November 8th, another great show of American Football will be on stage. NFL Week 9 will have the Seattle Seahawks play against the Buffalo Bills at the CenturyLink Field. Throughout history the Seattle Seahawks faced off 12 times the Buffalo Bills and, statistically speaking, they won 8 times out of the 12 matchups on record. But history is not enough to explain the NFL betting odds of the upcoming football match. According to our trusted crypto sportsbooks, Buffalo Bills are the underdog of this NFL game. Here below you will find the current crypto betting lines from Betonline for Seattle Seahawks vs. Buffalo Bills NFL Football Game:

1) Seattle Seahawks: - 120 (point spreads)

2) Buffalo Bills: + 100 (point spreads)

If we calculate the hidden probability that the Seattle Seahawks will prevail in the American Football event of next Sunday, we find out that it is just slightly higher than the probability that the Buffalo Bills will win the match. In particular, the probability that the Seattle Seahawks will win stands at only 54.64%, whereas if you bet on the Buffalo Bills their probability to win is around 50%.

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