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Betting on Divorce - Social Gambling at its Peak!

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

With many sports still out of action, MyBookie had an idea for us. What about betting on our friends' divorce?

MyBookie is among the best #sportsbooks around. We know about its multiple deposit and withdrawal options. We know it is one of the main online venues for #crypto gambling. Today, we'll shed some light on another important aspect of this great #bookie, that has drawn some kind of extra attention from sports bettors. We talk about MyBookie's outstanding and (at least so far) unparalleled creativity.

As a man who's had multiple wives, I find myself to be somewhat of an expert on divorce and associated things, and I thought it would be sort of a fun thing to do as we come out of the quarantines and things like that as all of our relationships were stressed to the maximum.” David Strauss, head oddsmaker at MyBookie (from his interview with Newsweek)

We know that sports have gone through crazy times during this covid-19 pandemic. Many events were cancelled. Others - as #Bundesliga, the premier soccer league in Germany - resumed, in a very cautious fashion, after many months of lockdown. And here came the idea. Forget money. It has really nothing to do with this. All of us have gone through the doldrums of love. How many of us managed to create a melliflous and longlasting relationship with our sweet half ? It's hard. How many of us tried to figure out if a friend of ours will still live with his wife or girlfriend in a year time ? Almost everyone, I guess. And here we go. What about a tool that enables us to calculate the odds for #divorce (or split) ? What about using those odds to bet that one of your friends will decide to give an end to his relationship with his current girlfriend ? Once the odds are established you are free to place wagers with your friends and wait for the outcome. No bookies' juice. No house edge. Just fun with your friends. isn't it a great #distraction ?

The Divorce Odds Calculator

First, let's be clear. The Divorce Odds Calculator is free. The rationale is very simple. There are facts, habits and feelings that forego divorces and splits. Those factors are condensed in 30 questions that the person - who is the object of wager - must answer. Once all the questions received an answer, the tool generates the divorce odds for the case at hand. Then, all you have to do is to start wagering with your friends. Very simple right?

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