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Evolution of Entertainment in History... What's the Role of Crypto Gambling Today ?

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

#Gambling is something rooted in the history of humankind. Throughout centuries, the concept of entertainment has evolved dramatically, but still people - irrespective of their age and nationality - find amusing distractions in games of chance and skill, like #blackjack, #roulette, #poker, #slots, or #craps. Taking a modern perspective, we would find extremely cruel the fact that ancient Romans enjoyed to watch at men being slaughtered by wild exotic animals in a public arena like the Coloseum in Rome. Later in time, the execution of witches, rioters and criminals was actually carried out in public places so that ordinary people could enjoy the spectacle and learn the consequences for not respecting the law, or (more often) the orders from kings and despots.

During the twentieth century, the situation changed dramatically and nothing looked like in the past. People became suddenly wealthier and new forms of entertainment made their first appearance. During the '20s and '30s, most of the biggest cities in the United States and Europe had either State-run casinos or a thriving gambling underworld populated by illegal dens, where wealthy people could play at roulette and baccart tables. The increased availability of excess income went hand in hand with the popularity of sports betting and casino gaming during the whole 20th century. Casino gaming and sports betting were perceived as great ways to have fun by rich people (so called high rollers) and also by regular Joes (so called low rollers).

Frank Sinatra Dean Martin Casino Las Vegas Crypto Gambling

Today, political correctness and weird moral standards play a central role on the stage of our lives. And those factor have an inevitable hit on the concept of personal entertainment. We are no longer free to do things that just a few years ago were regarded as normal. If you give a compliment to a good-looking girl, it may be regarded as sexism. If you try to defend your traditions, you may be regarded as a racist. If you just do not care of the well being of animals or if you just do not care about the environment, you are selfish. We are all given a social label only for being ... "normal guys". The government controls the way we spend our money. A picture or video taken by a smartphone shows where we are and what we are doing in real time. Nobody is free any longer. Nobody is really happy.

Online crypto gambling actually is capable of solving some of those problems. Crypto currencies like #Bitcoin (BTC) or #Ethereum (ETC) have no central control. Transactions run anonymously on the Blockchain and are recorded in a widely distributed ledger, so that there is no Central Bank monitoring how we spend our money. That is indeed one of the main reasons why we fully embrace the concept of online crypto gambling.

Through our website, we would like to provide people with the instruments useful to regain the level privacy and freedom that we used to have in the past. Crypto coins lend us with a major helping hand in that sense.

So, do not be surprised if on #BadCoGaming you will see an overwhelming number of crypto sportsbooks and crypto casinos. They are a vital part of our philosophy of life. Thanks to crypto sportsbooks and crypto casinos you are able to benefit from a generally higher degree of privacy (i.e., higher sense of freedom), lower house edges in traditional casino games (as in crypto baccarat, crypto blackjack, crypto roulette, and crypto online poker) and cheap bank charges. Have a look at our crypto casino review of Tiger Gaming, Winz IO, and Bitcasino. Under our perspective they are provably the best crypto casinos on the internet today.

Help yourself and take advantage of our online free #odds comparison widget. You can compare #moneylines from primary crypto sportsbooks (MyBookie, Betonline, and Bookmaker) and from some traditional fiat currency bookmakers as well (Nordic Bet and William Hill). Find out by yourself if crypto sportsbooks are actually the best in terms of :

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You just need to click on the "Sportsbooks" section of our website to check whether what we write here is actually accurate. Nothing is simpler or quicker than that.

We want you to have fun in the old traditional way of gambling. Digital currencies are our weapons to defend tradition.

Best of luck and fun to everyone from !

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