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French Soccer Ligue 1: Lille vs. Rennes - Soccer Odds Comparison and Betting Strategies

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French #soccer has recently returned to (almost) normal life. Ligue 1 has an interesting soccer match on schedule for next Saturday (22 August 2020), in which the strong team from #Lille (favourite) is expected by major international bookmakers to defeat #Rennes (underdog).

Interestingly, tables were completely turned last year. Last year, Lille finished 4th, just ahead of Rennes, that ended up in the 3rd place. For sure, Lille has showed in this season a great desire to return to the Champions League. To accomplish that goal, Lille needs to gain a certain advantage over a direct competitor of the calibre of Rennes from the start of the season. This soccer match is set to demonstrate whether Lille has the right attitude and temperament to achieve a position in the Champions League.

Even though preparation matches were not really reassuring, Lille can count on a very robust organization put together by Christophe #Galtier, on a hardworking midfielder, and on fast wingers.

On the other hand, Rennes already has direct qualification to UEFA Champions League in their pockets and they have plenty of opportunities to shine in the French Premier League. In the last season, they showed to have a strong defence and conceded few goals to their opponents. That could work egregiously against the weak attack of Lille.

All in all, we believe that Rennes has good chances to defeat Lille. A conservative bet on the tie event and on Rennes (winning team) would be a great betting strategy. Furthermore, online crypto sportsbooks offer very convenient odds for this match. If you can get the best odds from different #crypto #sportsbooks, you will implement a rewarding betting strategy. To that end, all you need to do is to compare all the odds offered by online crypto bookmakers (normally, those are the most convenient). Only pick the most favourable to your strategy (tie event and Rennes wins).

This is a very simple and rewarding strategy, requiring little effort on your side. You may use our online and free soccer odds comparison tool and you will instantly maximize the value of your soccer wagers!

To go to our soccer odds comparison tool, just click on the link below:


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