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Monopoly Live from Evolution Gaming: A Stunning Casino Game Modelled on the Monopoly Board Game

Today’s topic is a review of a stunning casino game: Monopoly Live from Evolution Gaming, that is among the best suppliers and producers of casino games in the online casino gambling arena. You may find the same game at many of the online #casinos that we promote at #Monopoly Live can be played at #BetSwagger Casino, #Winz IO Casino, and #BitCasino. Irrespective of your online casino of election, the game will remain the very same as it is managed by Evolution Gaming., Money Wheel, Live Monopoly, Live Monopoly Review

The main concept behind Monopoly Live is rather straightforward. There is a giant money wheel that is spun by a live-dealer. The game is played live in a spacious Monopoly-themed extravagant studio, where 3D Mr. Monopoly sits on a classic English armchair. Bettors have the possibility to place their wagers on certain sections of the wheel. Nominally, bets can be placed on sections 1, 2, 5, and 10. Each number delivers a corresponding multiplier of the bet amount of 1x (for wagers on the 1 sections), 2x (for wagers on the 2 sections), 5x (for wagers on the 5 sections), and 10x (for wagers on the 10 sections). For instance, if you place a 1 € bet on 5 and the wheel rests on a 5 section, you win 5 €, i.e. 5 times the amount wagered. On the contrary, if the wheel rests on any other section, you lose your wager.

However, the Live Monopoly money wheel does not contain 1, 2, 5, and 10 sections only. There are also other interesting segments, that are: Chance, 2 Rolls, and 4 Rolls. The rules governing bets on those sections are as follows:

- Bets on the “ Chance “ segments: If the wheel’s pointer stops on the Chance segment, those who placed their bets on it will receive a card with either a cash prize or a multiplier bonus. If the card awards a multiplier bonus, then the wheel is put in motion again and if it stops on another multiplier, the first multiplier is multiplied by the indicated number and, finally, applied to the amount of the wager.

- Bets on the “ 2 Rolls “ and “ 4 Rolls “ segments: If the pointer indicates a 2 Rolls or a 4 Rolls segment, then a great augmented reality 3D bonus game starts. Mr. Monopoly jumps out of his armchair and dice are rolled two or four times according to the outcome of the money wheel. Mr. Monopoly will move according to the outcomes of the dice throughout a 3D board coming directly from the real Monopoly game from Hasbro. Depending on the properties Mr. Monopoly stops at, winning bettors have the chance to collect various multiplier bonuses of different sizes.

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Our overall opinion of this game is really good, as it provides gamblers with an amazing, entertaining and distracting experience. Evolution Gaming confirms once again that it is one of the top producers of 3D augmented reality casino games. Furthermore, the fact that Evolution Gaming manages the show is an additional guarantee for players that the game is run in a provably honest and fair fashion. The only thing that online casinos can vary is actually the minimum and maximum bet amounts.

Monopoly Live is very simple to play as rules – shortly described above – are very intuitive. So, it can really be played by almost anybody.

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You may find Monopoly game at many of our promoted casinos, so be sure to gain the best casino bonus or promo code before selecting your casino of choice. As always, we strongly suggest you one of our great crypto casinos, as – generally speaking – they can offer games with a lower house edge in comparison with their fiat-currencies-based competitors. Transactions charges for deposits and withdrawals are also more affordable at crypto casinos. If you choose to play casino games with Bitcoin, we are pretty sure that you will not regret your choice.

Monopoly live can be found at the following casinos:

- BetSwagger Casino – Go for to our Sexy Casino Section

- BitCasino – Go to our Bitcasino Review

- Winz IO – Go to our Winz IO Casino Review

All the above best online casinos accept major crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc..

Good Luck to everybody!

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