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Online Poker: A Guide to Finding a Safe and Legit Online Poker Room

With #coronavirus still on its way, online #poker is increasingly becoming a common distraction among people of any age. For those who are not yet well acquainted with online poker rooms, we are here to provide you with some basic guidelines concerning the selection of the online poker website fitting your preferences.

Man playing online poker

You need to understand that online poker is a game in which you play against other players. And given that you do not play against the #casino, there is simply no house edge involved and everything really stand on your own luck and skills. There is only one important thing that you should care when picking a certain online poker room over the other, that is honesty of the game. A poker game will be honest only insofar players sitting at the table do not play in syndicate against the others. As online poker grows in popularity and the techniques used by scammer to rig the game are becoming harder and harder to identify and repress, the only thing that you can do easily to enahnce your online poker experience is to look at the rules of the game that are advertised by the online poker website that you have chosen. Online poker websites have the proper IT tools (that you normally do not have) to spot if a certain poker game is rigged or not. And it is also their interest to maintain the poker game as honest as possible. So your selection of a honest online poker room must rely on two key characteristics:

1) Does the online poker website advertise its rules of the game ? If you do not know when and how the online poker website is allowed to enforce the rules of the game to protect the honesty of poker game going on, then just go away. You could find your money trapped in an offshore poker room just becasue you won money and the online casino (or poker room) does not want you to take them away.

2) Have the online poker room ever enforced its rules of the game ? In the digital era, this piece of information is accessible to anyone. As online poker reviews in a Trustpilot format are rather popular sources of information for online punters, if you see a small number (should not be really big) of people complaining about the fact that the online casino has frozen their money , then this is exhibit A proving the honesty of that particular poker room. Think about it as speed traps. If you get a ticket for speed, you are entlited to be angry and to complain with your municipality. But in the end, you still got a ticket because you exceeded the speed limit and you broke a rule. So, our suggestion here is to be very skeptical if you see that all the world gives good reviews of a certain poker room, because if cheats are happy this is definitely not good for you and your money.

In our opinion a great online poker room, with great weekly promotions and a proven record in terms of honesty is TigerGaming. Read our full review of TigerGaming to see whether this is actually the place you are looking for. It has been in the online poker market for about a couple of decades and it is still among the most appreciated by international online gamblers.


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