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Soccer Odds Comparison: Basic Betting Strategies and a Few Betting Tips

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Sportsbetting Soccer Odds Comparison BadCoGaming

There is a thin line separating successful #gamblers from those who have just lost loads of #money. That line is made by the knowledge of the rules of the #game. Indeed, #sportsbetting is an art requiring a careful due diligence on two important aspects:

1- The first one is the selection of the most advantageous #bookmaker, that is the one that meets an intuitive requirement of #reliability and is capable of offering - consistenly, as no one really wants to change bookie for every single sportsbet - the best money lines. Great oddsmakers like #MyBookie, #Bookmaker, or #Betonline have a proven track record of originating fair #odds. They have been in the business since the '90s and have gained a good reputation in the sportsbetting market.

2- The second one is knowledge of the rules of the game and of the qualities of the teams of the event. Sometimes, it is not really easy to bet on the team that will prevail in a certain match. Nonetheless, you might place some good wagers on the number of #corners that a team will have in its favour. Or you might expect that a particular team will manage to make more shootings for goal than the other one. And again, since each #soccer event can have three different outcomes (Team 1 wins, Team 2 wins, Tie), you may also decide to bet on double chance. If you are pretty sure that a team (any of two) will prevail over the other, you can bet on each of them (Team 1 wins, Team 2 wins). In that way, you will sacrifice a part of your expected gain, but chances to succeed could be higher (depending on the odds regarding each of the teams and the draw event).

To cut it short, math is the king in the sportsbetting arena. A good number of #sportsbooks offer free useful tools assisting bettors in formulating their wagers. There is an endless number of #parlays you can make for any soccer match and with the support of the online tools offered by bookmakers, it is really easy today to become a #successfulgambler!

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