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Tennis 2020 US Open WTA Ends: Naomi Osaka Wins

Naomi Osaka is the official winner of this 2020 troubled edition of the US Open Female Tennis Championship (WTA). She managed to defeat a fearsome opponent of the caliber of Victoria Azarenka.

On one side, Naomi Osaka half-American and half-Japanase she started the 2020 US Open with an outright sign of support for the Black Lives Matter movement. During this final match with Azarenka, she wore a total of 7 protective masks, each displaying a name of black man shot down by the police in the USA. She is only 22 years old and, thanks to the 2020 US Open title, she has already joined the club of the best international female tennis players.

On the other side, Victoria Azarenka from Belarus. While in her home country protests rage against the Belarusan government and its long-lasting president Lukashenko, she played a good match against Naomi Osaka. But the odds were not in her favor, and they are right most of the times.

If you missed the final match, between Naomi Osaka and Victoria Azarenka, of this Tennis 2020 US Open edition, you can watch the key moments in the video below.

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