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Texas Hold'em and Poker: What Are the Main Differences ?

The world of online poker is stuffed with many variations of the traditional five cards poker game (aka, Draw Poker). So, it is rather important to know properly the differences between the various poker games that you may encounter in a certain online casino. This guide helps you understand the key differences between the traditional five cards poker game and its Texas Hold’em variant. As Texas Hold’em incorporates relatively higher degree of chance in comparison with the traditional poker game, it is also rather easy to find a Texas Hold’em variant in which you can play directly against the house, rather than against other fellow players. That latter type of casino poker is out of the scope of this guide, that is completely dedicated to the explanation of the differences between the traditional five cards poker and Texas Hold’em.

Texas Holdem Poker, Online Poker

1. Number of cards forming a poker hand

A poker hand is made of five cards in both poker games. The only difference is how cards are dealt. In traditional poker game each player is dealt with five cards for his eyes only (so called “hole cards”). Then, each player is given the chance to replace a maximum of four cards. The set of cards resulting from the draw is the final poker hand for each player. The player having the best hand wins the game and the pot.

In Texas Hold’em each player receives two hole cards. The other three cards can be taken freely from the cards that the dealer spreads on the table. In Texas Hold’em the dealer spreads a total of five cards on the table: three at once – then another, and then another. These cards can be used by all players to complete their poker hand.

Players can take the cards they prefer to form their best possible hand. Even in Texas Hold’em the player having the best hand wins the game and the pot.

Given that in Texas Hold’em poker players can use the very same cards, Texas Hold’em is often called a community cards poker game.

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2. Forced Bets

Forced bets are usually defined as bets that players need to place in order to remain in the game. The ante bet is the bet that players are required to make to enter the game. Blind bets are wagers that players are required to make to remain in the game. While ante bets are a fixed amount, blind bets vary according to the size of biggest bet that a player makes during a game.

The concepts of ante bet, and blind bet are the same in Draw Poker and Texas Hold’em.

3. Cards Playing Skills

The way cards are dealt during the game strongly affects the amount of skills that players need to have to be successful poker players. While it is well known that in traditional Draw Poker the most important untold rule is to play the player and not the cards”, in Texas Hold’em it is important to figure out precisely the different outcomes of a specific hand in order to calculate accurately the probability to win. As most of the cards are played in common with other players, anyone can figure out the many different outcomes that a hand may have.

In conclusion, both Draw Poker and Texas Hold’em are two great forms of poker. Both have been enticing to online poker players for decades and, while experienced and skilled poker players may prefer Draw Poker, Texas Hold’em is very popular due to its simplicity. After all, it probably for that reason that major Poker Tournaments prefer Texas Hold’em over Draw Poker.

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