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The Return of Brazilian Soccer… Against the Odds

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

As the world is slowly emerging from one of its worst health crisis in a century, the Brazilian Campeonato Serie A is coming back to life eventually. Tomorrow (Saturday, Aug. 8th) soccer enthusiasts from any part of the world know that their day is filled with three must-see matches:

  • Fortaleza vs. Atletico-PR - Saturday, August 8th, 10.00 pm UTC Time

  • Coritiba vs. Internacional - Saturday, August 8th, 10.30 pm UTC Time

  • Sport Recife vs. Cearà - Sunday, August 9th, 00.00 am UTC Time

Though the return of soccer would be usually perceived as a positive sign in many other parts of the globe, after so many months of forced interruption of sports, great part of Brazilians seem unhappy with this quick move by high sport authorities. As a matter of fact, Brazil still ranks second in terms of cases. With more and more people testing positive to covid-19 and with many local soccer clubs being heavily involved in politics – we all remember that former president Lula was actually one of the greatest fans of Corinthians – it is still hard to say whether Brazil’s soccer matches on schedule will be actually maintained or whether some of the Serie A clubs will withdraw from competitions all of sudden for covid-19 related reasons.

At least, it is still safe to say that we will have a little taste of Brazilian soccer thanks to the three above matches to be held next Saturday. Future developments are hard to predict, but nonetheless we are sure that some smart bets can be made.

Some bookmakers have also started to calculate odds and, as your favourite betting partner, we have included Brazil soccer odds in our free online tool for soccer odds comparison.

Have a look at our soccer odds comparison tool by clicking on the image below!

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