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Watch Free UFC Fight Irene Aldana vs. Holly Holm - UFC Fight Island 4

Last Saturday was the stage of the fourth UFC Fight Night on famous Fight Island. In light of the travelling restrictions imposed by many countries around the world on incoming international travellers, most of the MMA fights involving non-American artists are staged on Fight Island to keep the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) going without interruptions.

The Irene Aldana vs. Holly Holm MMA match was our long-waited MMA betting opportunity. Perhaps, Holly Holm could have delivered a better performance in the Octagon but the outcome was still pleasant for us. Holly Holm eventually prevailed over the Mexican Irene Aldana by unanimous decision and the relative payoff for us was not so bad. But this is how bettor's life goes and you do not really need to enjoy every MMA fight you bet on, especially if you lay your eyes on a Bantamweight division matchup. KOs might not be as frequent as in the Heavyweight division but fights' outcomes are rather predictable.

If you missed last Saturday's MMA fight between Irene Aldana and Holly Holm, here you can enjoy this full Bantamweight division match for free!

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