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What is the Best Crypto Coin for Online Gambling ? Some Tips for (Wise) Cyber Gamblers

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We would like to shed light on a question that many #crypto gamblers are asking themselves. What is the best crypto coin for online #gambling? Is there any difference if we use #Bitcoin (BTC) instead of #Ripple (XRP)? What if we use #Ethereum (ETH)?

Indeed, the answer is quite simple. There is no standard in online crypto gambling when it comes to the choice of the best crypto coin. Generally speaking, online casinos and sportsbooks have an interest in accepting widely-used crypto coins, that can be easily converted into US dollars or Euros when this is necessary to pay wages and general expenses. Therefore, almost any crypto #casino accepts Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Most online casinos embrace crypto currencies because they bring cost efficiencies across the board. The economic impact that digital currencies have on online casinos and bookmakers is really terrific. Savings on operating costs are easy to grasp. Crypto bookmakers and casinos pay less – in comparison to their fiat-currencies-based competitors – on payment processors’ fees and costs of compliance. That generally translates into lower house edges (for casino games) and lower juice for bookmakers. If you are careful enough to search the internet for the best crypto sportsbooks and casinos, you will discover that, on average, crypto gamblers benefit from better chances to win.

Even if you are a modest social gambler, you should start considering Bitcoin (BTC) as the main currency for your wagers. It is rather easy to store it safely in a free bitcoin wallet like BTC Wallet. It can be easily converted into cash on one of the major crypto exchanges like CEX.IO. These exchanges are really cheap and fast in terms of service.

If you are persuaded that crypto coins are the best solution for your sports bets or casino wagers, then you should have a look at our preferred crypto sportsbooks and crypto casinos

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