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What is the Best Online SportsBook?

The question we want to address in this article is: What is the best online sportsbook?

We have been around in the international online gambling industry for a while and we know that most of us have been trying to come up with an answer to that question. The world of online gambling is increasingly dominated by rough bookmakers whose only purpose in life is to grab money from honest players and bettors and to simply disappear as soon as people attempt to cash out their winnings. But we know a couple of things about the online gambling industry and we want to give you some hints about the best online bookmaker for online sports betting.

First of all, what you need to know is that the online gambling industry is a market that is rather particular. Since it is almost impossible for online sportsbooks to advertise their online betting services through traditional channels and social media, most of the marketing must be done by SEO (i.e., search engine optimization) agencies. Those agencies are actually paid by the best offerer to pollute websites with fake ads and reviews and to perform some mud-slinging activities against the competition. Bottom line is that, as long as they pay well, almost any bookmaker can have great feedbacks. This is the bare truth, folks!

So, you just spend a huge amount of time performing great due diligence on almost any online sportsbook you find on the internet. You collect information about its online betting bonus, about the feedbacks given by (fake) fellow gamblers and you open a online betting account with a bookmaker that seems to be the best possible in town. But, eventually, you end up with your gambling account being frozen because you simply won too much. You are unable to take your money and no one answers your emails whenever you get in touch with the support team. This is a story that has become quite common among our (real) fellow gamblers. So, we want to provide you with some basic suggestions coming from real experience and common sense.

1. Look at the History of the Sportsbook

What is the indisputable evidence that a sportsbook is an honest online betting venue?

As for restaurants and shops, if a firm has been working in a particular sector for a long time, then it is fair to say that it is doing a good job. Is it possible for a restaurant to stay on the market for a lot of years if its main meal is rotten hamburgers? No way! And the same is true for online betting and sportsbooks. That's why we only propose online crypto sportsbooks that have a track record of success at their backs. Many of them were pioneers of the fledgling online gambling markets in the '90s and have laid out the foundations of the modern online sports betting industry. Betonline, MyBookie, and Bookmaker were among the first companies to offer online gambling services and they have been doing the same job for decades now.

2. Does They Really Know What They are Talking About?

If you are in a betting shop in Las Vegas and you call your friends to let them know the latest live Vegas odds for the upcoming UFC fight, that may make you a good friend or a polite gambler. But that does not make you a bookmaker. Today it is just too easy to set up an online sportsbook. You can hire a freelancer to design your gambling website and you can buy a dropping odds service from some shady company. And you are done! You can start luring in honest gamblers with your stunning and too-good-to-be-true sports odds and make a hefty profit out of your new rough online sportsbook. How to unmask rough online sportsbooks? That is easier than you think. Sportsbetting is not about who wins and who loses. Rather, it is about her majesty the Spread. If an online bookmaker does not show you the spread, included within its online odds, and does not allow you to place a bet on spreads, then chances are that it is an online bookmaker to avoid. You need to know what you are talking about when you do a job. And this is especially true for online bookmakers.

3. Bitcoin Gambling and Crypto Sportsbooks

As for any industry, also the online gambling market has its trends and innovations. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies represent the biggest and most exciting innovation in the online gambling space. With traditional payment processing being one of the biggest expenses for online sportsbooks, Bitcoin has optimized the cost structure of online bookmakers. Crypto sportsbooks operate under conditions of efficiency and, in many instances, they can provide you with the best online sports odds on the market. If they pay less for operating expenses, they can compete more efficiently in the online sportsbetting market. And you can benefit from a lower house advantage. The outcome from the introduction of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the online gambling market is a win-win situation, where the online sportsbook wins, you win, and credit card companies lose their share in the market. Beware of bookmakers that only accept fiat currencies, because the one who pays for the high payment processing fees is you, in one way or another.

Conclusion: What is the Best Online SportsBook?

To sum up what we discussed above the best online sportsbook has the following features:

1) Solid history as a reliable and trustworthy online bookmaker in the online sportsbetting industry

2) Gives you the chance to bet on win-lose scenarios and on spreads (so called spread betting) as well

3) Gives you the option to deposit Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in your online betting account

We identified the following online crypto sportsbooksthat we believe to be the best online bookmakers in the sportsbetting industry:

Betonline is among the first online bookmakers to offer sports betting services to American players. It started its operations in the late '90s and now it holds a regular gambling license in Panama, where players' protection is actually enforced.

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Bookmaker is one the oldest sports betting online establishments. It has among the best online bookmakers and its money lines are still a landmark in the online sports betting industry. It welcomes crypto players and bettors from the United States. It operates from Costa Rica.

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MyBookie is one of the most respected online bookmakers in the online gambling industry. Though this online sportsbook is relatively new, it has already consolidated a prominent position. The people working at MyBookie are real experts in the betting odds formation process and their true passion for international sports and for sportsbetting is their secret sauce for success. It operates in Costa Rica.

Feel free to have a look at them and do not hesitate to let us know your opinion. We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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