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Why Bitcoin has increased so much in value in recent months? The underlying fundamentals.

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

#Bitcoin is probably the greatest financial story of success of the 21st century. Though the matter still appears controversial to many, there are many sound economic #business reasons behind the recent jump in the price of the famous #crypto #coin. Let’s get straight to the point and address the question: Why should I buy bitcoin?

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If you are in #business and run your own firm or professional activity, you must also be pretty familiar with all the relative administrative burdens, whose only bottom-line is to make things harder for entrepreneurs and free-lancers. Since the outset of the international financial #crisis of 2008/2009, banks were loaded with some brand-new financial regulations, that eventually resulted in higher fees for customers and “stronger” compliance procedures. Right now, if you have a bank account your personal and financial data are automatically in the hands of some government. Governments monitor your transactions, they know where you buy food, in which hotel you spent your latest holidays, and how much money you have in your #bank account. The amount of information that is currently in the hands of the Big Brother has never been higher in the whole history of the world.

Purchasing, holding, and using Bitcoin for #commercial transactions is a #safe way to conduct good business in an #online marketplace. #Crypto transactions are secure thanks to the features of the #Blockchain. Crypto transactions are not controlled by any Central Bank, so you do not need to worry about any undue governmental interference in your business. Bitcoin is definitely the new way to bank offshore. Once business people used to go to #offshore jurisdictions like the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, or Switzerland to protect their wealth and privacy. Right now, if you seek the same level of confidentiality and protection for your business transactions, you should really start considering Bitcoin as your preferred business currency.

The freedom that Bitcoin gives to your professional and private life is unrivalled. No fiat currency of any sort can ever compete with Bitcoin. If you like crypto gambling and crypto wagering, you will find the reviews of our best crypto #sportsbooks and of our best crypto #casinos by clicking on the links below:

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